Simulator Ergebnisse Weeklies 9

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Being Elite Show 9

WEW World Championship
Goldberg vs CM Punk (C)
Sieger: Goldberg
> Goldberg pinned CM Punk with the Spear / Jackhammer Combination in 0:09:11 TITELWECHSEL!!!
Rating: ** 1/2

WEW World Championship
Firing Squad (G.O.D.) vs War Raiders (C)
Sieger: War Raiders
> Hanson pinned Tonga Loa after the Fallout in 0:31:09
Rating: ****

WEW Television Championship
Apollo Crews vs Tye Dillinger (C)
Sieger: Tye
> Tye Dillinger pinned Apollo Crews with the Tye-Breaker in 0:18:55
Rating: *** 1/2

Firing Squad (Haku, Leo Tonga) vs Velveteen Rush
Sieger: Velveteen Rush
> Velveteen Dream pinned Leo Tonga after the Purple Rainmaker in 0:05:41
Rating: ** 1/2

Matt Riddle vs Daniel Bryan
Sieger: Riddle
> Matt Riddle pinned Daniel Bryan with a Running Knee Strike in 0:00:11
Rating: DUD

Brodus Clay, Ryback vs The Dudleys
Sieger: Ryback, Brodus Clay
> Ryback pinned Devon Dudley with a Shellshock in 0:03:26
Rating: ** 1/4

Bad Luck Fale vs Akira Tozawa
Sieger: Fale
> Bad Luck Fale pinned Akira Tozawa with the Bad Luck Fale in 0:03:02
Rating: **

Death Match
Jimmy Havoc vs Maybach Taguchi
Sieger: Jimmy Havoc
> Jimmy Havoc pinned Maybach Taguchi after a Flaming Table Spot in 0:12:25
Rating: ***

Show-Card-Rating: ** 1/2
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Re: Simulator Ergebnisse Weeklies 9

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Redemption is Back I

R2W World Championship
Chris Jericho vs Brock Lesnar (C)
> Brock Lesnar made Chris Jericho submit to the Kimura Lock in 0:08:30
Rating: ***

Bullet Club (Kenny Omega, Cody) vs Shock the System (Kyle O´ Reilly, Bobby Fish)
> Kenny Omega pinned Bobby Fish with the One Winged Angel in 0:42:18
Rating: **** 1/4

Ladder of Success Cash in!!
R2W Redemption is Gold Championship
Ricochet vs Will Ospreay (C)
> Ricochet pinned Will Ospreay after a Double Rotation Moonsault in 0:01:21 TITELWECHSEL!!!
Rating: ** 1/2

R2W Redemption is Gold Championship
Zack Sabre Jr. vs Will Ospreay (C)
> Will Ospreay pinned Zack Sabre Jr. with the Stormbreaker in 0:51:09
Rating: *****

Chuck Collins, David Donald vs Young Bucks
> Nick Jackson made David Donald submit to the Ceist and Desist in 0:02:09
Rating: ** 1/4

WRSTLNG Rules Match (No Strikes, No Rope Breaks, 5 Minute Rounds)
Jeff Cobb vs Neville
> Jeff Cobb pinned Neville with the Tour of the Islands in 0:04:21 of Round 2
Rating: ** 3/4

Winner gets a Redemption is Gold Championship Match next Week
4 Way Elimination Match
Bray Wyatt vs Samoa Joe vs The Miz vs Adam Cole
> Samoa Joe pinned Bray Wyatt with the Muscle Buster in 0:06:57
> Adam Cole pinned The Miz with the Panama Sunrise in 0:10:11
> Samoa Joe made Adam Cole pass out to the Coquina Clutch in 0:11:49
Rating: *** 1/4

"He is here"
Tomasso Ciampa vs Bobby Roode
> Tomasso Ciampa made Bobby Roode submit to the Bridging Fuji Armbar in 0:33:27
Rating: *** 3/4

Show-Card-Rating: *** 1/4
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